Chil3 graphic design testimonials

Chil3 is a graphic design consultancy founded in 2000 by Becky Chilcott. With creative thinking and typographic expertise we deliver world class design across a range of disciplines.


The Juicy Movement_Chil3

Carla Thomas

Founder of The Juicy Movement

I cannot speak more highly or more enthusiastically about working with Becky and the team at Chil3. I am so blessed to have had them lend their talents to my first published book The Juicy Movement: A Holistic Approach to Clean Living in 2017 so teaming up to work with them again recently on the design of my new website, along with other aspects of new branding and design was a no brainer! From a client perspective, Becky and the team always make everything so easy and smooth on my end and literally deliver the goods and my vision to life within the first draft! These guys know and understand brands, their vision, their profiles and help them shine through design. I honestly feel so lucky to have been introduced to Chil3 and know ours is a working relationship that will continue on for many years to come!


UWA Publishing

Professor Terri-ann White, Director, UWA Publishing

"I believe that books need the best attention they can get to allow them to flourish and succeed. Good editorial and book design is crucial… When we have too much work to do, we are blessed to have one of Australia’s best book designers in Fremantle. Becky Chilcott has designed a number of our books and book covers. She is so clever and intuitive, as well as inventive and flexible, and these ventures into working with Becky remind me that if designers ruled the world we’d be in better shape. That raw intelligence always enables a delightful collaboration."

This Little WorldThe People's StoryThe CommonwealthGovernment HouseDegustation and Gold & Silversmithing are some of the books that Chil3 have designed in collaboration with UWA Publishing.


Deb’s Cookbook

Deb’s Cookbook Team

"Deb’s Cookbook team could not have chosen a better design partner than Chil3. Every step of the way, they were devoted to making this book something extra special; from capital raising ideas, through to developing the book layout and design, and onto providing us with a fabulous photographer and food stylist.

Becky and the team at Chil3 had immediate rapport and sensitivity towards this book tribute, designed to remember our late friend Deb Robinson. They understood the depth of friendship involved, and showed patience, understanding and passion for this project. Becky’s attention to detail ensured the budget was well-managed and the six women in the team remained on track. More importantly, Chil3 created a design that perfectly reflected the lovely person we wanted to honour, truly sharing our vision. Chil3 went above and beyond to make this project sensational.

Deb’s Cookbook is a beautifully finished product that has been well received by Deb’s family, friends, and wider community, and will raise significant funds for the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation."

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Deckchair Theatre

Angela Chapman, Creative Director, Deckchair Theatre

"Becky at Chil3 is a joy to work with. She simply ‘gets it’ each time we create a new piece of work together. At Chil3 they are on time, with no attitude, just lots of great ideas and they look after your dreams. Our brief to Becky for our annual brochure is ‘make it so beautiful and exciting that people won’t throw it away.’ She realises that brief every time."

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Bauwerk Colour

Bronwyn Riedel, Director

"We love everyone at Chil3.

Without Chil3 our business just would not be what it is, they have solely created the look of our Bauwerk brand, they are unrivaled in their ability to translate ideas and at Bauwerk we would not be able to grow in the way we wished to without their help. As we expand they are always available to be an integral part of what we are aiming to create, it is truly a partnership we value and hope to have way into the future.

Plus they make a wonderful cup of tea everytime I go there."

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A Story to Tell

Ian G Green (by letter)

"I have just purchased a copy of A Story to Tell by Laurel Nannup, and I wanted to tell you it is one of the best designed books I have seen for many years. It follows the traditional design rules for books, but has a very contemporary look…I do hope you will continue to develop more book design and produce more books."

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