Chil3 graphic design Internship

Chil3 is a graphic design consultancy founded in 2000 by Becky Chilcott. With creative thinking and typographic expertise we deliver world class design across a range of disciplines.

Chil3 internship

For final year graphic design students and lovers of typography. 

What happens ?

During the first semester the Chil3 intern works with our on a pro bono charity project and is responsible for the design and production under the direction of Chil3 designers. The volunteer will receive weekly feedback and mentoring.

The charity project will carry through to the second semester when the Chil3 intern will also work on their International Society of Typographic Designers (ISTD) Student Assessment Project and receive weekly feedback and mentoring.  

How long is the internship?

The Chil3 internship starts in February and finishes in November for one day per week. Internships are open to students in their last academic year who will undertake the ISTD Student Assessment.

Can I apply from interstate of overseas?

Yes. We welcome students from interstate and overseas.

Is this a paid position?

This is not generally a paid position and technically speaking is a volunteer program. Circumstances may vary though, and each individual case is considered.

How do I apply?

Look out for announcements in January or just get in touch. The application process involves the submission of an electronic portfolio (pdf) and a statement detailing reasons for applying for the position. Those short listed are interviewed in person (or via Skype) and the final candidate chosen.

Previous Chil3 interns

Tim Waters
Rochelle Smith
Marianne Durbin
Mick Barlow Stringer
Cathy Alexander
Ting Sia
Luke Sweet
Alex Hwang
Kana Wald
Vicky Xu
Bradley Pinkerton
Friederike Melzian
Anna Sweet
Gabi Fountain
Betty Joy Richards
Kristy Ford
Georgina Sweeting
Lexei Tsallis
Andrew Reid