International Society of Typographic Designers

Chil3 is a graphic design consultancy founded in 2000 by Becky Chilcott. With creative thinking and typographic expertise we deliver world class design across a range of disciplines.


International Society of Typographic Designers

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Becky Chilcott founded the Asia Pacific sector in 2006 and has been a Board member of ISTD for over 20 years. With a team of volunteers, Becky runs the annual Asia Pacific Student Assessment Scheme with 10 participating Universities from Australia,
New Zealand and Singapore.

International Society of Typographic Designers, ISTD, is a professional body run by and for typographers, graphic designers and educators. The Society has an international membership who share and support its aim to create and inspire interest in all forms of typographic communication.

Working closely with education and industry, ISTD establishes, maintains and promotes typographic standards through the forum of debate and design practice. Membership is awarded to practising designers, educators and graduating students who demonstrate, through the quality of their work, their commitment to achieving the highest possible standard of visual communication.


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